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Mobile locksmith expert in lost, broken & stolen vehicle keys. Remotes and spare keys supplied. ECU eprom code work. Domestic & commercial properties.

Terms & Conditions

Refunds on the immobiliser service, locks sent in & code requests etc.

If DSE Auto Locksmith receives an immobiliser box that is faulty & we cannot produce the codes, working chip or both, the full fee is still payable, however minus the postal charge & any parts used from ourselves. We will only refund the price paid less parts & postage. The faulty unit will be returned to you although we will charge the postage.

The reason DSE Auto Locksmith does this is, is because the work carried out means, we have to remove a microchip to extract the information by reading the chip, in turn the only work left, is to produce a working transponder & resolder the chip back on. It is uncommon for chips to lose the information unless it has been spiked from an electrical source i.e. bumped started, water damaged while vehicle is running. Sending this unit in to DSE Auto Locksmith auto locksmith will be considered that you have read & accepted these terms & conditions stated as a contract. The same applies for ECU's. Any codes ordered cannot be cancelled, they must be paid for up front & are ordered to the chassis of the car, as once they are in the system these are locked in.

Locks that are sent in

A key will be made to the lock you have provided, no responsibility will be accepted, if when the lock & key is returned and it does not work other locks, the same goes for DSE Auto Locksmith cutting a key to the key number you have provided or DSE Auto Locksmith obtaining a key code for the original lock set for the vehicle.

Generally if 1 key works all the locks except the ignition, this is an indication that the ignition lock has been changed at some point & you will need to send this in. Some locks, when sent in have broken parts i.e. paddles, springs, plates etc., these will be replaced however there will be a parts charge & DSE Auto Locksmith will contact you before any extra work is carried out.


85% of these can be refurbished and repaired to a high standard, including a new key blade, (where possible 95%) all remotes sent in will be checked to see if they are working, checked to see if the transponder is there, be it a carbon, glass chip or built into the remote board. Non-working remotes will be charged an admin fee plus return post.

Unpaid items

Items not paid for within a fair timescale i.e. 8 weeks from date received & after 1 emailed reminder, will be disposed of & thrown away. No further contact or discussion be entered into regarding the said item or items. DSE Auto Locksmith is not a store for clients. Your use of DSE Auto Locksmith auto locksmith’s service means you accept these terms & Conditions. Once this has happened no recourse to make any claim against DSE Auto Locksmith auto locksmith will be accepted. Once again for clarity your use of DSE Auto Locksmith auto locksmith services means you accept these conditions. As a rule all items are to be paid for in full & upfront.

If DSE Auto Locksmith makes a mistake we will rectify it, please be honest as it makes any issues easier to deal with ...

A true story … DSE Auto Locksmith is sent a lock, we are told the key works in all locks … DSE Auto Locksmith makes a key to the boot lock, as for this vehicle it is easier to remove from the vehicle & to make a working key, DSE Auto Locksmith sends it back & the customer rings and says it won’t turn in the driver’s door or in the ignition after a bit of Q&A DSE Auto Locksmith is told ... Oh I had a separate key for the door & ignition.

DSE Auto Locksmith auto locksmith has been locksmithing for over 20 years & is highly qualified & competent, we will do the job to a high standard, do not ask for discount, tell me you’re in the trade, I can get you loads of work, etc. All DSE Auto Locksmith will ask is why???, and ??? & ok … when DSE Auto Locksmith has done 10 vehicles for you, they will provide a free standard key.

We apologise if all the above sounds harsh however it’s the way of the world we now live in.

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Broken Key?

DSE are experts when it comes to broken or damaged car, van, lorry, truck and motorcycle keys.

If you have snapped or bent your key, we can come out to you, and have you back on the road again in no time.

We can also repair remotes or supply new ones as well.

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About DSE Auto Locksmith

DSE Auto Locksmith is a mobile locksmith covering the Midlands based in Derby and not a call centre, we offer an out of hour’s service and will call you back ASAP if you leave a message.

90% of work is done on site and generally speaking most standard lost keys take 60 to 120 min's from start to finish. If you have the key code or immobilizer number (security code) then it’s even quicker and cheaper too.

We can also delete the keys from the system, so if your keys are found the car cannot be driven off. If you do not have these, not to worry, we have software that will extract these.